What is the Scientific Research &
Experimental Development program?
SR&ED is a program created by the federal government designed to encourage innovation by providing funding to small and medium sized businesses performing scientific research and/or experimental development. While the common perception is that this applies to high technology and scientific industries there are a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, engineering and many others that are also eligible for funding support. Many companies are doing work that qualifies as R&D and are unaware of their eligibility for provincial and federal funding. To find out if your company is eligible for the SR&ED or other government funding such as IRAP take a look at our five key questions at determining eligibility or contact us for a FREE consultation using the form on the right!
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Wilson Cook Associates performs a variety of professional services including SR&ED Claim Management for the federal tax credit program, R&D consultancy, and IRAP throughout Ontario and Quebec. Our highly qualified experts have many years practical experience and have successfully submitted claims in a wide variety of industries. We have a reputation of getting approval for claims in areas that had previously been overlooked and we only receive compensation once the claim is approved! There are many reasons why you should choose us – Contact us for a free consultation; you have nothing to lose!

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